Monday, June 23, 2014

Traslados...aqui en Tenerife con Hermana Palomino!!! Transfer 9‏

23 Junio 2014

Hello top of the mornin’ to ya!!!

Thanks for the email this week mama, it sure was good to hear about your adventures in the family reunion and all! How fun! It’s good to hear about all the cute little cousin goobers, I look forward to seeing them next time :) Please remember to take pictures and send em :) especially of the family reunion!

Sometimes I wonder if I am a broken missionary.. I have been out for a year and I still miss you all. I love my family!!!!!! I can't wipe the smile off of my face when I read about your progress and success and service. I hope you know I love you.

SO! wow its actually hard to remember what all happened this week... it’s been full of packing little by little with Hermana Burgos, lots of goodbyes said, and Victor still has not been baptized. I feel very calm about his entire situation though, he is looking for a new apartment and plans on sitting down with Alison and explaining that he will never leave her side, although he needs to sleep in a different apartment at night. I have noticed so much light and happiness in him. The gospel truly changes people's countenance... and he is excited to read the Book of Mormon, and came to the movie night we had of the life of Joseph Smith. He started coming to English class, and I love teaching him, he has a true desire to learn. Everything he does is 100%, and I admire that a lot. I have full faith he will enter the waters of baptism in the next two weeks. He already talks about entering the temple to do the work of his grandma in August in Madrid :) He went to church in Bolivia with her over 12 years ago, and he said she loved the gospel, but was never baptized. What miracles we are blessed to see.

I feel a bit emotionally exhausted with the goodbyes and packing and little sleep. I feel like a have some big shoes to feel here in Santa Cruz, as Hermana Burgos and Elder Parkinson (yeah, he left too, I was so sad) have left. Satan creeps into my thoughts telling me that I cannot do this, and that the ward will not like me as much, I had worried thoughts about my new companion, missing home knowing that Hermana Burgos is leaving. But TENDER MERCIES… I LOVE Hermana Palomino, I can already tell we will get along very well and see so many more miracles. I can look back at each and every transfer and companionship and see God's hand. I can discern their strengths and qualities that I should further develop. I have learned more about how to show and tell people I love them, patience, diligence, humility, and each of my companions have something (in most cases MANY things) that the Lord shows me I need. What a blessing! I met Hermana Palomino my third transfer on a P-day and I remember talking to her thinking, I could really be her companion :) and look, here we are.  I know that God knows the desires of my heart, has sent the companion that I was praying for: humble, obedient, ready to work! And I have the opportunity to speak Spanish all the time with a native! And he sent Hermana Aagard here :) It’s been so great to see old missionary friends and see how much we have learned and grown.

I feel rejuvenated to ready to make these next six months the best! I am reminded constantly how blessed I am to be here, surrounded my so many people I have grown to love, God sends me angels.

I hope you have a great week! I love you all so much!!! Tell me about your Oregon adventure!

Love, Hermana Mather

Made Hermana Burgos an agenda to return home, with pictures of happy people married and with babies to remind her of her future goals :)

Last night, saying goodbye to Elder Parkinson! He is a goober

This afternoon, after a 3 trips to the airport in less than 24 hours, getting everyone that was transferred all settle, we had a big lunch in our apartment!

My new companion, Hermana Palomino!!!!!!! She is so cute!! I met her my third transfer when she first entered the mission! She is from Ecuador, loves running, 25 years old, and very down to earth! I am so excited to start working with her! Its pretty incredible and out of the ordinary to have so many native companions as well, this will be my forth one (she has lived in Spain since she was a kid). I feel so blessed!

LOOK WHO CAME TO THE ISLANDS!!! HERMANA AAGARD will be serving in the south of the island Tenerife!! I was screaming and jumping up and down when we found out she was coming! We met up with her this morning when she flew in, I am sitting next to her doing emails and it feels like nothing has changed.. WOW!

We woke up early to get everything done and Hermana Burgos all packed, and look at the beautiful sunrise we saw :) wow, breathtaking

VICTOR AND ALISON!!!! They are so special :)

Alison loves church :) and gives us her little drawings and bracelets that she does in sacrament meeting, hehe.

Some less-actives that we have been teaching, Jeni and Aldis. We are trying to remind Jeni why she really got baptized and encourage her to come to church again.  And Aldis has a difficult family situation.

Last district meeting. Hermana and Elder Hatch or incredible. They cook delicious homey meals after every district meeting. It reminds me of mom´s food :) we are so blessed.

I am teaching her to make silly faces…ew

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