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Being Constant and Trusting in the Lord´s Timing?

30 Junio 2014


This morning I was passing over all that has happened, and all that I have studied.  I feel like no matter how many words I write cannot express even the smallest bit of what we experienced and felt, but like every week... I will try!

I hope this email finds you all happy and healthy.  I pray for you and hope that you are well!!!

I have been thinking a lot lately about being diligent and consistent. We talked about it in district meeting. Being on a mission is like running a marathon that teaches us consistency. With every day, every step, every month, every transfer, we are trying to build these habits and follow the Lord and being true disciples!! Just like training for a marathon and running the marathon cannot be accomplished with one quick sprint and we are finished, God knows how we learn, little by little every day. We learn to seek his will not just in the difficult times, but every step of the way. We cannot use all of our energy at the beginning or all of our energy at the end. He needs us to be constant and steady!

27  De cierto digo que los hombres deben estar anhelosamente consagrados a una causa buena, y hacer muchas cosas de su propia voluntad y efectuar mucha justicia;

28  porque el poder está en ellos, y en esto vienen a ser sus propios agentes. Y en tanto que los hombres hagan lo bueno, de ninguna manera perderán su recompensa.  (Doctrine and Covenants 58:27-28)

We fought so hard for our agency before this life and we must use it wisely while we are here. As we choose to follow the Lord constantly, diligently, we are blessed immediately, and in the end, this diligence helps us to learn and change for the better and slowly obtain more Christ-like attributes. The gospel that we are teaching begins to become more a part of who we actually ARE.

I remember one time before the mission, someone told me that we should finish each day and think: did I feel the spirit today? And often times, I found myself thinking.. I am not really sure! But I feel so blessed here to be able to say, that we truly live and breathe and seek the spirit every moment, and this is what changes us and urges us to be a little better every day. I ask myself, how can I better look to the Lord in every step of this journey?

With that, I wanted to share a couple of experiences of being constant and learning from mistakes!

First, this week we got really caught up in a lesson and ended up arriving late to a lesson with a less active family that I just adore and we were going to celebrate the son´s birthday. I was so sad, they had been waiting on us and the rest of the night I just felt like a failure, the worst missionary ever. but I love my companion!! She taught me that we need to learn from it, move on and trust in the Lord´s timing of it all. We ended up having another family home evening with their family, and it has made us really focus a lot more on them, and we have felt the spirit so strongly as we have taught them, and simply listened. He has been through so many hard things with his divorce. And he feels like he has no one to talk to, and feels uncomfortable with his friends that aren´t members of the church because of the things they are involved in, and also feels uncomfortable returning to church with all of the questions he is being asked. I think that the Lord knew through our mistakes that we would know we need to focus more Ulises and his family! Turns out, he is very talented in writing music and poems, and he helped us present a family home even for our ward with special music and poems he puts together. He felt needed and we all felt the spirit. It was incredible! We could see his testimony grow as he was reminded what it feels like to share it!

Also, with Victor, the biggest trial of learning to accept the Lord´s timing and will. It turns out, that he will be baptized more in the future, because he feels that he needs to help his daughter Alison understand that he needs to move out. I was feeling so worried about him, because I know that Satan will be working really hard on him this coming month, and it will be important to be constant, helping him, protecting him. But I trust in the Lord´s timing. He has the scriptures downloaded on his phone, and he just can´t stop talking about his love for the church. He says she feels selfish in worrying only about his own salvation, he wants it to be a family effort and wants them all to be happy!

Well, I had better go now!! I hope you have a great week!

Love, Hermana Mather

p.s. Pictures from pday today! Tree hugging and family home evening with Ulises

I love my companion! We run everyday!!!!!!
And a good pace too.  God knew who I needed.
She is obedient and diligent and makes me want to be better.
This is us with a less active lady we have been working with.

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