Monday, November 3, 2014

Paying the Price‏

3 Noviembre 2014

Happy November!

It’s pouring cats and dogs today.

It’s been an easy adjustment switching companions! I love how we can learn new things from each companion, and I think with every companion is becomes easier. It’s wonderful being able to get along. I am grateful that she likes to work hard and laugh! She arrived here a bit sick with a bad cold, and so every moment we could, she was in bed trying to get better. We hope she stays well with all of this rain coming in! At least we are getting some great use of our umbrellas!! hehe.

We have been working with a lot of people from the Dominican Republic this week!!! I didn't even realize it, until I looked down from the stand where I was playing piano in the chapel, and I saw the row of Dominican ladies, less-actives, and investigators, whom we had all been working hard with that week!!! We were blessed to have Judy in church yesterday (I don´t know what my problem is, but I always seem  to mess up people´s names, haha I thought her name was July all this time). SHE CAME!!!! It was a stressful morning, we needed to be in two places at once to stop by and pick them up because neither of them knew how to get there, we chose to stop by Cristina (a new lady we have been working with this week, from the Dominican Republic, lives down the street from us) and hoped that a member could stop by and pick Judy up! We arrived at the church with Cristina and just hoped that Judy would make it, etc. haha, It's was a whirlwind, but nevertheless, we did not give up! I had to go play prelude and we hoped that the others would show. And they did! Therefore, once again, I was shown that although we feel like our efforts are imperfect and scattered and we feel like we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off, THAT IS WHEN the Lord is able to show is His Hand, it was neat to see yesterday. They all looked so happy and content to be there!

I have been so lost in my thoughts lately, reflecting a lot, and thinking about what I have done in the past year and a half. Many thoughts come to my mind, but yesterday I was thinking about how EVERYTHING that is worth anything in our lives comes with a price. The price that we pay to come closer to our Savior will not be easy (and it shouldn't be). The price I pay physically / mentally / emotionally is all worth it. What makes it worth it? The LOVE that I feel for those around me. Being a missionary gives us an incredible ability to be able to obtain a glimpse of the Love that Christ has for others. The Love that we are able to express of Our Savior for others. The outpouring of love that we feel when we begin to see others come unto Christ by reading the scriptures, praying, and coming to church. What will I truly remember from this year and a half? Relationships and love. I will remember the look that people get in their eyes when they feel the Spirit and begin to comprehend His love.

Oh Javier has been doing great as well! We teach him English once a week. The first week we just talked about normal events in our lives and such, and he came to us the next week and said he wants all of the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon in English because he want to be able to review all that he is learning. He is able to comprehend from a different level, it’s really cool!

Amanda is progressing so well too!!! Eduarda´s cousin (Eduarda is a member). It’s been so cool to teach Amanda, she is the most innocent, sweet, pure 13 year old I have even met that truly wants to understand Gospel Principles.

Keep swimming over there :) I suuureeeee love ya´ll :)

Love, Hermana Mather

Our angel Eva hehe

I don't think I have told you much about Pablo and Marta.
They are from Spain. We teach their children (Alba, Diego, and Raul) English!
They are SUCH bright children and they are a very united family.
They are also VERY Spanish, Haha. We love it.

Hermana Orrego, yo, Vicky, Carmelo, Katy!
We ate some yummy food and Vicky made a cake for my birthday. yumm

3 Nephi 5:13

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