Monday, October 27, 2014

Transfer #12 :)

27 Octubre 2014

Where do I start with all of you goobers?!?!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE BIRTHDAY WISHES AND LETTERS AND PACKAGES!!! Wow, I can almost hear you singing to me :) Wowowowowow how time has flown.  It was a miracle that the packages came! The last day that packages could arrive was Friday and the timbre [doorbell] sounded and we weren't sure who it was, packages never come that early and we were about to leave for the day. If he had come just 5 minutes later we wouldn't have been there! Heavenly Father is very aware of me. It really has already been such an incredible birthday.

So, you have made me cry twice this week! From reading this thoughtful email and I also received the envelope of letters and pictures from Grandma and Grandpa Powell. I was just brought to tears as I read all of those words. I have always wished that I could have known Grandma and Grandpa, they sound like incredible people, but I cannot tell you how perfect the timing was to received their words. I feel such closeness with them, especially grandma. I NEVER EVEN KNEW SHE SERVED A MISSION! I felt like in so many ways she just took the words out of my mouth as she said over and over again "This sure is proving to be better than I even imagined, and I expected it to be a grand experience" or saying how she wanted to enjoy every minute of her mission. I felt like Grandma Powell was sitting next to me telling me these things. I felt her love and the impression that she is proud of Wade and I as missionaries (wow it’s hard not to get emotional even just thinking about it again). I felt their presence stronger than ever, and I know that they are close to us, every step along the way. Did you feel that too Wade? Have you received their letters? Do we realize what a blessing it is to have this in our lives? The missionary work in general may have changed quite a bit, but the message has always been the same. Grandma and Grandpa Powell felt the same. I sure loved Grandmas story of how she and Grandpa met. haha I felt like I was reading a really good love story novel, but it really stuck out to me that their first date night together they spent a lot of time talking about their missions and how much it all meant to them, I hope that I can make this year and a half here in the service of the Lord the same in my life, it means so much to me this opportunity I have had here´, like it meant so much to them. THANK YOU for sending that to me, I can´t wait to be all together with those I love in one place someday and meet your parents, mom. I think it will surprise me how familiar they are to me :) They sure do sound wonderful!

SO! Today begins Transfer #12! Hermana Carroll and I were debating all week what might happen... our time together. I just said goodbye to Hermana Carroll, I can't believe how time flies and I feel so grateful for the time that we had together. She taught me so much. I feel so blessed by all of my companions! I always feel just a bit nervous to area train or get a new companion, but I am so excited to meet my new companion and finish off here in Gijon, I feel like the Lord expects so much more of me. It’s hard to explain, and it’s crazy thinking that these will be the last six weeks to serve with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. There are so many feelings of excitement and happiness and most of all, gratitude for this great opportunity to serve. The more time I have in the mission, the more in-debt I feel to Him, and even though my body feels tired and I wonder if I can keep going, the best way to show my gratitude and love for Him is to give it ALL that I have this last transfer and not leave anything behind. I realize more and more what a sacred time this is, even though it's not always easy. I have so much to give because of the Gospel. My heart just feels overly full with gratitude for my Savior and for HIS WORK. I know that this work is true, I have never felt something so deep in my heart, because I feel so happy doing it. I know that when we go with The Lord to do His work, He magnifies us. He has given my everything I have. I have handed over a year and a half of my time, and He has taken that, magnified it, and made it SO MUCH MORE that I cannot even comprehend right now, but I have begun to see a small glimpse of it. I have just had a lot of that on my mind, and I am determined to serve with all of my heart these last 6 weeks. It’s still a lot of time :)

I am in Oviedo right now waiting for my new compie!!

Hermana Mather

Last day for Hermana Carroll with our Gijon Relief Society

Javier!, Hermana Carroll, Hermana Mather

Hermana Carroll, Amanda, Eduarda, Hermana Mather

Hermana Mather's new compie, Hermana Orrego from Argentina!
She has lived in Chile most of her life

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