Monday, November 10, 2014

God Blesses Us Many Times More Than the Measure of What We Give :)‏

10 Noviembre 2014

Hullo there!!

Mom and family, thank you thank you for emailing every week!  It sure sounds like you've had a busy week. I am excited for all that you are involved in :) wahoooo. Running, wedding invitations, and lots of work. I appreciate you taking the time to keep me updated!!

This email might be a bit short. ha, I hardly sleep lately!  We are here in Oviedo, we had P-Day here, playing soccer and we will have a devotional tonight and the conference with President and Hermana Jackson tomorrow!! Therefore, we don’t have very much time to email.

Just to tell you a bit about this week, Javier is progressing a whole bunch and Judy too. I am amazed by the love that we begin the have for the people here. All is well, more to come next week. Good thing pictures say a thousand words, because I haven’t had time to say much :)

"I can´t do everything, but I can to SOMETHING. I will do what I can through the grace of Christ"

Even though what we do may seem like a drop in the ocean, at least it is one more drop in the ocean!

I love you!!

Love, Hermana Mather

My umbrella broke. It flew up backwards 4 times in a row! Hahah

And our zone playing soccer today :)    

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