Thursday, October 16, 2014

Buenoo..... (:‏

13 Octubre 2014

WEEEELLLL ...BUENOOOO... This week! Something amazing happened! Various amazing things happened! But, I don´t know if Bill Busath has talked to you recently, but Gijòn was the first area in his mission 23 years ago, and so I come in contact with a family, "La Familia Villa" (Emilio, Begoña, Natalia) many times a week and it amazes me how small this world is. I am filled with gratitude for being here and for Brother Busath serving a mission here! I wrote him this week and said:

BROTHER BUSATH!!!!  I wish I had hours to tell you all about the branch here in Gijòn! I love it here! It has been incredible to make that connection, I feel so blessed to serve here 23 years after you :) YES! I met Presidente Villa, Begoña, and Natalia. They are all very active here in the branch. They each bore their testimonies yesterday in church, and I was touched thinking about how you changed their lives and I am able to witness the fruits of your labors here in the branch. They each testified of simple truths like reading the scriptures together as a family (I loved that, they are such a united family!) and Begoña said something I loved: las decisiones màs importantes en mi vida que he tomado son 1. mi esposo 2. mi decision de bautizarme. [The most important decisions in my life are: 1. My husband 2. My decision to be baptized.] Could you have imagined all those years ago when you had just started your mission that this family would be such a strong foundation for the branch and district? Natalia is young women's president and teaches seminary, Begoña teaches institute and taught in relief society on Sunday, and Emilio has served in various District callings for the past 10 years. They told me that you could hardly speak any Spanish yet when you came, and they would speak very slow for you to understand, I can't relate to that! It’s incredible to see how the Lord uses us as humble instruments in His hands to work miracles! I feel so grateful for your decision to serve a mission years ago and for being worthy and faithful, La Familia Villa es incredible! I want to meet Raquel. She married a man who isn't a member, but we are going to try and visit her! I would also really like to visit the man who was president while you were here, I will ask Natalia about him.

Tenemos una capilla grande ya aqui en Gijon, tendrè que enviarte fotos![We have a large chapel her in Gijon, I have to send photos!]  Yes, I ate Fabada [stew]. It is so delicious :) made from true Spaniards, the morcilla [blood sausage]. I ate it not knowing what it was and liked it, but now, knowing what it was, haha, I am not so sure! The Spanish bread here is to die for, and I will make sure to eat a palmera [palm] for you.

We will be going over to the Familia Villa’s house sometime soon and she will teach us to make paella and tortilla soon, I will send ya pictures of them, but for now, here is one of all of us!

This really strengthened my testimony of how we NEVER know how we are impacting the lives of others. Although we feel incredibly inadequate for the task we have been given, or unable to speak the language we have been assigned, we are making a difference in God´s eyes! We never know who's life we can touch when we simply smile or choose to spend time with someone. We never know how our service spent will impact the lives of others. I believe the more we study and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it truly is all about LOVE and learning how to share it with others, teaching them how to access it, and losing our lives in search to feel Christ´s love for others all the time. This family was a result of that! Selfless service as a missionary.

Also, have I told you much about Javier? He was a man that came to conference last weekend on Sunday, expecting to see a regular sacrament meeting (he had been invited by the sister missionaries a year ago and never came). He ended up liking it and came for another two sessions! His parents are from Spain, and he grew up most of his life in Venezuela. He is looking to come closer to God in his life, and we began teaching him this week, and he is already progressing very rapidly. We also teach him English! He is basically fluent, and very fun to talk with! haha. The Lord is blessing us greatly with many miracles. We will be teaching him tonight as well.

I will attach pictures of Covadonga! We went with Carmelo and Vicky and the Elders here :)  It was like a fairytale! And pictures with La Familia Villa.

Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Mather

La Familia Villa: Emilio, Begoña, Natalia :)
Covadonga is part of Picos De Europa. Its looks like the shire!!

This chapel is in a cave!  And this fountain has seven drains.
They say if you drink from all seven of them you will be married in the next year! haha
I may or may not have drank from all seven of them.

Elena, Hermana Mather, Rosa Vela, Hermana , Eva! (left to right)

Our District!

Corina, an older lady in our Ward that we visited!
She knows some of my good friends in Alcobendas,
they started attending church in Cuatro Caminos,
the first ward in Spain.  Small world!

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