Monday, May 26, 2014

We Met an Incredibly Golden Man on the Street...

26 Mayo 2014

You´re all going to hate me again, but we do not have much time to write again.  We have zone conference, and it has been a crazy P-Day, President and Hermana Jackson and lots of other missionaries came from the other islands and we played basketball and such and went out to eat.

BUUUUUUT we have seen lots of miracles. After all, the baptism of Tibisay didn't happen, she had to work, but she will be baptized next week with our other investigator named Luis!!!  It has been incredible to see their journeys in gaining their testimonies, and I have been thinking a lot lately about teaching those we have been given and not judging them for their past and all.  We are excited to see them take this step in their lives next week.

I think I told you about Victor last week, a man who we contacted last transfer finally got in touch with us again, has come to church twice now with his little daughter Alison and Victor; he loves all of it.  I LOVED sitting in church with her, helping her sing, and draw to keep her entertained, it reminds me how much I miss being with little children; she is so sweet and innocent and pure.  I wish I could record every word he says in the lessons, he is so prepared for this gospel, he says he has been part of the world and he knows how it is...  It really didn't bring him any happiness and he feels such peace and joy and relief from his depression from being in the military for so long.  He has so much hurt and pain from what he has seen and experienced in the past, so many things that I am sure I just can't even comprehend, but it was incredible to teach him the plan of salvation this week, and feel the Spirit guide our lesson.  We said so many things, and it took such a different turn from any other lesson, and it was one of the moments that I can testify that those were not my words.  God knew what would touch Victor's heart.  We also gave Alison a Book of Mormon for her own with a pink bow and a little, pink pencil to mark her favorite scriptures :)

This week, I have experienced so many feelings.  Lately, I feel so aware of my weaknesses and I seem to be comparing myself with others at an extreme level.  This is something I so badly want to change and be happy with who I am, not wishing to be look different, be in a different area, know the scriptures better, make a better connection with people.  And there are some days that something inside of me tells me that I can't do it and why should I try.  So I know that Satan's influence is so real still.  What matters is that we get back up, dust ourselves off, and keep working. I feel blessed to know the difference between those days that we need to spend extra time on our knees pleading for the Spirit and to feel that He is really there.  And I am grateful for answered prayers.  We met an incredibly golden man on the street the other day and I copied his number down wrong.  I felt terrible these past two weeks, and we have been praying so hard to see him again.  We found him yesterday, and we are excited to start helping him find God.  I will tell you more about him next week :)

Once again, sorry for the short email again.  I love you all so much.  I promise I will be a sister, daughter, and friend next week, and will write a better email.  Congrats AMBER!! Graduation!! And DESI wahoo married!  Give them big hugs for me :)

Have a great week!

Love you, Hermana Emalooba Mather

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