Saturday, May 17, 2014

Not much time!!!‏

12 Mayo 2014

Hello all of you!

It was so nice to see all of your faces yesterday!!!! I have to apologize in advance, we had some difficulties shopping for groceries and things for P-Day, so my email time is reeealy short. This will probably be my shortest email yet! Yikes, so sorry. It really was so nice to see all of you goobers, I love you all, and I think of you often.

I just wanted to share one experience from this week with you, I shared a little with you yesterday, but last Monday night we met with Tibisai, the friend of Luz Marina who is from her little pueblo in Venezuela, who we met at the beginning of this transfer. We found out that 30 minutes before we arrived, she had been called by someone offering her work. FINALLY!  I can share more about it next week, but it truly was a miracle that showed me how much Our Heavenly Father truly loves us and tests our patience to show us how perfect his timing is. So stay tuned.... :) We were jumping up and down and smiling as she said she couldn't deny this as an answer to her prayer, and wants to be baptized in two weeks!!! Wow, truly, God takes our imperfect efforts and turns them into something that will reach the hearts of the people and help their testimonies grow.

Again, sorry for the email CORTISIMO [VERY SHORT]!!! I love you. Let me know when you get your special something in the mail, Mom and Aaron :)

UNTIL NEXT WEEK!! Besos [Kisses]! I promise there will be a better email next week :)

Love, Hermana Mather

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