Monday, May 19, 2014

His love can be felt in all directions!‏

19 Mayo 2014


How are you all?!?! It was so fun to see the Mormon prom dinner pictures of Amber, how beautiful!!!! You all look so classy and happy. I will be thinking of you all week, with graduation coming up, how exciting! I wish I could be there, but I will be there is spirit :)

I just wanted to share a few miracles and stories from this week!

Tibisay, the woman from Venezuela that we have been teaching will be baptized this upcoming Sunday!!! It has been crazy with her new job, trying to find time to visit her and teach her, in the end, we really hadn't seen her for two weeks.  She takes care of two older people and her only free day is Sunday (which she asked for free to be able to come to church!) and she came to church on Sunday! It was so exciting to see her; she was wearing a skirt and everything. We had what we like to call a "lesson marathon" to be able to finish up the lessons we had to teach her, ate a meal we prepared in the church, taught another lesson, and she had her baptismal interview. It has been pretty incredible to see the change from being so unsure about taking this step in her life, and now so willing to make these sacrifices and be baptized.

I am not sure if I mentioned before a man named Victor from Bolivia, but we met him on the street about 5 weeks ago now, we had one lesson with him, and then lost contact completely. He has been very busy. Oof, this man amazes me, he began working for the military 9 years ago, when they told him that they would give him Spanish nationality after 5 years, and he still hasn't received it. He is feeling very lost and confused and cheated right now, like he has wasted 9 years of his life. It really amazed me as he opened up to us so much (this continues to amaze me as a missionary, the trust that people have in us) about how he had been a very worldly man, and he wants to change. He truly, truly wants to change and feel more peace in his life. Even for the 5 weeks that we weren't meeting with him, he kept the Book of Mormon on his nightstand and said that his 7 year old daughter has been very interested and started reading it too. So, we finally got in touch with him again and I think he is back for good, we invited him to be baptized as part of this change in his life, he said that he is in it 100% and trusts that as he puts God first in his life, the rest will come. I love that more than anything, he wants his little daughter to come to know who God is and find this strong base in her life. Sister Burgos and I testified to him that that is why we are here. We have been raised by parents who taught us to believe in Christ and seek his comfort and peace and teachings, and here we were, really putting to practice what our parents have taught us all of our lives. I am so grateful for that. I am grateful for the marvelous power of the Atonement that creates this change in people´s lives, even though I can´t fully comprehend it. So many prayers were answered when we met with Victor again, I knew this man was very special from the first time we met with him. He and his daughter came to church yesterday and loved it. Alison played with all of the Primary kids! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for raising me in this gospel and giving me the opportunity to serve a mission.

Also, you should look up the song, "His Love" I think it is called, not sure who sings it (His love can be felt in all directions, from the thorns in his hands... he will find a way to remind you that he loves you). This song touched my heart this week, as I had one of those days that we all have, wondering if I could really get myself out of bed and face the challenges of the day, but then we went outside to run and I was amazed by the beauty that surrounded me! Then we listened to this song as we got ready for the day and it was like a tender mercy, answer to my prayers to feel God's strength and confidence in me. God truly shows us His love in so many ways.

I hope you feel my big wet kisses and hugs I am sending to you!!!!!! Have a great week with graduation, take pictures!!!  And send them!!

Mom, I am so excited you are reading Preach My Gospel!!  The book Jesus the Christ is going to have to wait for me....but I am so proud of you!! Wahoo can´t wait to hear what you learn :)


Hermana Mather

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