Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy December!!!‏

2 December 2013


You would be very proud. Hermana Aagard and I made our own version of pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and pumpkin pie from scratch (we found chucks of pumpkin that they sell here and put it in the blender and shake it up real good for about 15 minutes haha) and we had the Elders make some chicken. I will have to send you a picture next week. It was really fun :) The American family invited me and my companion over and one set of elders and we sure got all stuffed. Mom, I missed you, they ALMOST tasted as good as your rolls :) haha. Then our Bishop invited us over yesterday and we had some German dumplings and goulash, homemade Oreo and chocolate chip cookies. AH! It is not often you have delicious food like this that just tastes like home!! We were so happy to be there, and that they invited us over for Christmas, too!! It will be nice to be with a family celebrating some fun German traditions.

This week was a pretty normal week!! Hermana Aagard and I did a presentation and practice at district meeting about the importance of the Restoration of the Gospel, and every time I study this topic my heart is touched, because I see the incredible dedication and determination it took for Joseph Smith to restore this gospel. And what a loving Heavenly Father we have to bring back to the earth the power and authority to efectuar [perform] ordinances to return to Him. This makes our message different from any other! The mission is such a life-changing experience in this way, helping me realize how I can be better every day, ensuring that I can show the Lord I am willing to do his will so that he might be able to work miracles through me. I am trying to do all that I can so that the Lord will put prepared people in our path and put words in my mouth so that I can testify of the restoration.

The other day we had an incredible lesson with Dominga, the lady that we found while knocking doors the other day.  Mervin went with us so that she could start building relationships with members better, and it was incredible. She suffers severe depression, but she sure lightens up when we share gospel messages with her. She can´t read all that well, but tries her little heart out when we ask her to read the Book of Mormon. I love that she calls us her little rescuers. Mervin showed her how he reads the scriptures and highlights words when he doesn't understand. And He gave her his number and is going to help her to find work and feel more self-sufficient. He gave her to sweetest long hug after and told her everything will be alright. God´s Hand is present in this story where the lives of Mervin and Dominga cross. Of course, I started tearing up, and ended up walking out of the lesson trying to pull myself together. I feel so blessed to witness miracles like this. Mervin also told her that the Book of Mormon is like his "office" haha. Any questions he has, that is where he goes. I love him. He also made us pizza! yum!

With this being our third transfer together, Hermana Aagard and I have been trying to really look at what we are doing and how we can be better missionaries, and change our desires and actions to be more like Preach my Gospel Missionaries. We still have days that we call sanctification days where God humbles us, but just in time for us to appreciate little miracles.

Sorry it’s a short email this week!! I sure love you all and look forward to reading your emails every week!

Con Amor [With Love], Hermana Emily Mather

p.s. I thought of my dear parents this week when I read Helaman 5... I am reminded what great principles I was raised on like these men in the Book of Mormon. I sure love you. Read this chapter and you will see why I thought of you. Also... we have been invited to read The Living Christ everyday up until Christmas to keep Christ in Christmas more. Will you do this with me? And watch The Christmas Spirit Mormon Message :)

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