Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fastest Week Ever!!‏

21 October 2013

My beautiful family,

I love holding your letters in my hands knowing they had been in yours day a few days before! I will be writing back next week! And I have received your package! I made Sister Aagard open it and peak to make sure there wasn't anything I needed to open right away. I just used the wallet since I have needed one. THANK YOU I AM SO EXCITED TO OPEN IT! Wow and I have a new little family member. How cute!

So for news this week! I feel like this has been one of the fastest weeks of my mission, and I think it is true that time flies when you are working. After a rough, disappointing week last week, we had the most lessons we have ever taught in one week. We had a little miracle happen... we found a man on a bench in a park where we live last Thursday and have been meeting with him every day this week. His name is Melvin and I sure love him!!! He is in his late 30's, from the Dominican republic, and is the first person we have ever taught that takes the little pamphlets that we had out after we teach, then he goes home and reads all the scriptures and takes notes about them in addition to what we assign him to read! We already invited him to baptism, and he has accepted to be baptized on the 9th of November (how cool is that Wade... we have a baptism on the same day!!!!!) He already came to stake conference here (which was really, really neat... all about missionary work) and loved it. They say that it takes people about 7 contacts with the church to become converted. When we first met Him, we were counted all of the times he told us he had come in contact with missionaries or with the church in his life. We feel so blessed to have crossed paths with this man. He told us his worries about not being smart enough or rich enough to go to church, but I loved Elder Uchdorf’s talk in conference about how everyone has their own talents to add. This man is incredible, and he has so much potential that he cannot even see! We are so excited for him to take this step in his life.

Oh I also got a letter from Neva Nardone! THANK YOU!! I am so excited to make that friendship bread and use your advice! I want to hear more mission stories from her :) what a nice surprise! Along with the ward Halloween package! What a wonderful surprise as well :) I am really learning to appreciate America as I have been away. I love Halloween and it was nice to get some candy corn and googly eyes still for the holidays. What a perfect spooky package! Thank you! (from Sister Ackley?!?)

We also have another lady, Rocio, from Spain that I told you about, she s progressing very fast as well, we just need to get her to church, which is hard because her father has cancer and she is always taking care of him on the weekends.

Oh and we teach little English classes for children now, in hopes to teach some of their parents the gospel, this has been fun! I miss little children so much! I love doing service here!

I don´t think a prophet could say it better. Thank you... family and friends for everything. The mission is not easy. We missionaries have hard days and I constantly feel like I am not cut out for this! But I feel your love and prayers! Thank you for all that you do! More to come next week! And I will be better about writing letters.

Love, Hermana Mather

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