Saturday, October 26, 2013

Breathe Out Fear, Breathe in Faith

14 October 2013

Hey Goobers!!

Tell me how this letter finds you...happy?  healthy?  Probably tired as usual.  No surprise there.  I sure love that you make time to write me.  I am just not really ever sure what to write back any more, because I feel like a mission is almost like something you just have to experience to understand what it is like.  Ha, my body feels like it has aged 10 years since being here, and it hurts to get up every morning.  It makes me a little bit worried.  I haven't napped for my 2 hour Sunday naps in two months, I feel un-put together all the time, but I feel so happy.  It is hard to describe!  I love feeling the love that Christ has for people and looking for warys to serve people all the time.  I love learning the doctrine so deeply, well enough to be able to teach it in Spanish to people (that is a crazy experience).  I love the Book of Mormon!  I sound like crazy person... but I look back at how I was before, and how some days I would forget to pray, or I would spend weeks without reading the scriptures, but I am realizing how incredibly important it is here!  I used to just fall asleep during General Conference all the time (their voices are still so soothing ;^) ) but how it makes me sad just thinking about missing the prophet's words.  I never realized how many doubts I had before the mission, and how much more there is to know.  But now, it is one of my favorite things to just sit and read and just soak in the words of the Liahona.  AH I love it! I love reading the Book of Mormon!  Will you please read it with me as a family?

I know I sounds like a crazy person ; ^ ) dont' worry I am just a little crazy.  I was talking to my companion the other day and we said we should write a book about everything the mission is that no one warned us about, ha.  How you really never look like all of these really put together missionaries on the websites.  Or, how sometimes members feed you so much that you just about puke.  But most of all how the mission is so awkward all the time.  It really is a bunch of awkward and spiritual experiences tossed together.  It is quite amusing, and you get used to the awkwardness.  I love this quote that Hermana Aagard found the other day though: "When we act in faith in Jesus to do His work, He goes with us and blesses us to say just what they need to hear.  What we actually say and actually do may feel a little (or a lot) awkward or not very polished... but the Savior takes our words and actions and He carries them through His spirit to the hearts of the people.  He takes our sincere but imperfect effort and turns into something that is just right, indeed into something that is PERFECT."  Kim B. Clark

Isn't that wonderful?  I don't know about you but my efforts to serve people and teach people sure feel awkward and unpolished sometimes.  I sure feel uncomfortable and awkward learning this language.  But the Lord makes up for that ; ^ ).

I love you all... Goobers!

Besos (kisses),


Hermana Mather

I just wanted to show you my favorite pass-along card!  "Faith Brings Hope"  ;^)

Me and my companion, Sister Aagard!

WOW!  Yummy enchiladas!

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