Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ana is baptized!!!!‏

1 Septiembre 2014

Well hullo there!!!! Mama, pops, Nathan, Amber, Aaron, Family and friends!

So this is probably going to be the shortest email in all history of emails from Hermana Mather because we have spent out P-day here as a zone in Gran Canaria!  Believe it or not, we took a half hour flight over here this morning and arrived here just in time to eat some sandwiches and go to the park to play ultimate Frisbee and volleyball and soccer!! It was so fun!!! It was really refreshing! It was crazy trying to find computers and locutorios [internet cafés] to write emails for alllllll of the missionaries so we are short on time.

I wish I could write so much for about Ana´s baptism, but it was a very special experience, she was a little nervous. Her testimony afterwards was so touching … she started crying. I had never seen her cry before. She thanked us for not only teaching her the gospel and her true path in life, but also for being her sisters. Oh, she is really a true friend. She testified of the truth of the church, after only investigating for 2.5 weeks. How incredible!!! She is a miracle and a lifelong friend :) Her aunt, who we found out is less active, came to the baptism and is returning to church. Her grandmother came and loved it :)

I will tell you more next week okay!!!

Love, Emaloooba :)

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