Thursday, August 15, 2013

It is hot and hard work out here!

August 5, 2013

First of all, Amber and Mom, happy birthday this coming week!! I really hope to send I lovely little package, it is going to be late though :(

We have called the bus station and the police I think but nothing has turned up. The first week was the most difficult week ever because that happened, and I couldn't communicate anything to my companion to tell her we needed to call the bus station and all.

Mom, I REALLY enjoyed that “wow” sticker that you sent in your last letter. I hope to be getting letters at my new address now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER AND MOM!!! I hope you have a great one!! And wade, than you so much for your letter. It meant the world to me. I started that fast and it am really looking forward to the strength and direction I will receive from it.

So, also, I will be back on around 4 or 5 tonight. We get to go to an amusement park today! Weird huh?! I never thought I would be doing that on P-day! But our president is okay with it. I will let you know how it goes. I have an hour later this afternoon to send pictures and email president so we will see how that goes. UNTIL THEN!!!

Love, Hermana Mather


Sorry I am really short on email time today we just got back from the amusement park and have an appointment to get to. I will work on the debit card, not sure what else to do...

A highlight of my week (journal entries)

30 Julio 2013 Martes

I feel so grateful today. I feel bad yesterday for sending home an email of disappointments and complaints. I love this Gospel! Sometimes I wonder if a truly had a testimony before, because it has grown so much. I have to depend so much on the Lord every day. I love my companion and try to serve her as much as I can. I try to be patient with myself and with her when we cannot communicate well. She calls me Corazon and Linda which mean Heart and Cutie! She is sooo spunky and independent. She has a true love for the people that I really admire.

My testimony has become so strengthened in the power of prayer. Yesterday I asked the family to pray for me because I was having such heartachy feelings of homesickness, and I literally would start shaking when I thought about how I never knew what I was doing, where I was going, or what anyone was saying. I constantly feel this pressure over my head, like I cannot accomplish everything that is expected of me. Obedience, learning this language, conjugating verbs right, scheduling appointments, serving my companion, being patient. BUT I could literally FEEL the prayers of my family today. I even wrote this is my agenda because I felt a power from my pleadings with the Lord and I felt a world of difference. I felt power to be happy and not feel so alone. Sometimes God needs us to walk in the dark to help us realize just how beautiful the light is.

31 Julio 2013

I have heard that we should cherish every moment of our mission, even the hard times. WOW today was one of those days. It really still is such a roller coaster ride here. I go through countless indescribable emotions every day. We had many appointments fall through and I haven´t been able to understand ANYTHING today. Sometimes these days just come for some reason. I am not sure what is happening and I ask myself why I am here. It is really hard for me to hear about missionaries that have the opportunity to preach the gospel in English, because I want to be able to express how I feel and reach out to people. Long story short, I have to ask Hermana Tabares to repeat things 10 different times on days like this. This day ended up with my short break down of tears in the middle of the street as my companion was frustrated that I couldn't understand, and frustrated that she couldn't explain and I felt like I couldn't handle it anymore. I read D&C 121:7-9 Thy trials shall be but a small moment. I always know tomorrow is a new day.

1 Agosto 2013

We had companion inventory today and we both decided on things that we can each do better! We are so different. She is so independent and says that her true frustration is with herself not being able to express what she wants to say! And I can´t help much and express my feelings. It all works out though. I continue to find scriptures that are applicable to me, no matter the moment. It is incredible. I will have to share more of them next week. One of them was about Ammon I think, and it said that RIGHT when they were about to turn back, the Lord comforted them. The Lord never fails to be there for me. He always supports us in our trials.

People are amazing! I love the people we teach, you can feel free to pray for those we teach! Arthur, Belen, Darma, Edwardo, Rosemaria (Mom´s name. I love it!), Maria and Roger

2 Agosto 2013

I have never had something test my patience so much, than learning this language! Sometimes I feel so isolated and I feel such an outlet to be able to speak English sometimes! I feel so quiet. No one expect the Lord can know how I feel, but this really brings me comfort. I have so much to work on; I can be more patient with my companion. I have started the "sanctification fast" that Wade suggested and I really look forward to concentrating my efforts on being accountable to the Lord with my thoughts, actions, and dedication to this work! I have set some goals to eliminate negative thoughts like thinking I will never learn this language, and eliminating my FEARS. I know that fear is the opposite of faith and I should not be afraid to speak to everyone that I can, always opening my mouth, without fear of rejection or sounding funny.

I see so many tender mercies of the Lord every day. I just have to be looking. The ward members here are so kind!

 WADEEEEEE: do you remember Elder Frankie Portis from your ward in Salt Lake, you will never believe this, but he is in my ward here. He looked really familiar to me, but I didn't think much, but we got to talking and we have met before! He taught your friend Melissa!! Wow what a small world! We took a picture together, and I will have to send it next week. I have soooo many pictures to send home, and I hope to have more time next week! How does that sound?  Also, a lady from your ward emailed me and she is a life saver, gave me some great advice about adjusting to everything here, especially the language. I believe she served in Malaga. Please tell her thank you, I really appreciated it.

Amber: Do you LOVE running again?? What have you been up to?

Nathan: How is life at home? What do ya plan on doing now?

Aaron: My goober, I miss being called Emalooba! What have you done this summer? Excited for school?!

Mom: what surgery is this I hear about?? Are classes done?!?! Are you getting excited for nursing? I really enjoy your letters!

Dad: you should send pictures from your races and of the family and such if you have a bit of time in your weekly emails! How is work going??

All in all, the mission is not what I expected at all, like Wade said I expected to hit the ground running, but I can see that I will ALWAYS be learning and improving and adjusting here. I think of you all often and pray for you. I love you!! HASTA LA PROXIMA LUNES! [UNTIL NEXT MONDAY!]

Hermana Mather

BESOS AND ABRAZOS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY!! (hugs and kisses!) (and to everyone that reads the blog, hah)

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